Evan Tann


Based by the beach in Santa Monica, CA.


I'm the CTO/Co-Founder of Thankful, which delivers world-class customer service to millions of people.

A small team and I wrote and maintain a large Go codebase and manage infra with 5-9s uptime with multiple deploys per day. We built a fully-integrated machine learning pipeline with state-of-the-art algorithms to achieve 99.9% accuracy on real-world, natural language conversations using a shared training model — a massive improvement over competitors in our industry.

We pioneered the use of large language models in the Customer Success space and were the first to deploy GPT to handle full resolutions with customers. Here’s a webinar we ran with Gladly’s CMO, the Sr. Director of Customer Service at Crate and Barrel and Support Ninja’s CEO discussing the impact GPT will have on CX.

Our UI is built on native web components, and state is managed without a library in the components themselves. The UI is a mostly-pure function of the state with shadowDOM diffing powered by uhtml.

I’ve spoken on the main stage at the TED conference and have also spoken at DLD, TechCrunch Disrupt, and Founders Forum. I have a fear of public speaking, which is why I push myself to do it.


I created several open-source tools including:

I program daily using vim and tmux, primarily in Go although I have commercial experience using many different languages. To fight RSI, I use Colemak on a Kinesis Advantage 360 and a Kensington Expert trackball. I've spent years using OpenBSD and Linux as daily drivers but now use Windows to support my gaming habit. People are usually surprised when they see that I do not use syntax highlighting.

I donate to the Signal Foundation and Zig Software Foundation (despite them using spaces instead of tabs).



I study chess with the hope of eventually acheiving the title of FIDE Master. I am an e4 player learning sound openings. My repertoire includes the Italian game (Giuoco Pianissimo), Caro-Kann, King's Indian Defense, and the Grand Prix Attack. I am an avid viewer of Daniel Naroditsky.

Music and Art

I play guitar and sing fairly well as a tenor. I also do digital painting with Procreate and Krita, and my favorite digital painter is Sinix. When I was younger I did 3D modeling and texturing for low-poly indie games using 3DS Max.


I enjoy competitive FPS (formerly played a lot of Valorant and Overwatch 1), ARPGs (Diablo 2: LOD, Resurrected), strategy (Crusader Kings 3) and indie games (Dead Cells). I also play TTRPGs weekly with friends using 5e and Pathfinder 2e.